Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance Contracts are available for the Spring/Summer 2023 Season

Spring cleaning is underway for many residents of New Jersey, but most homeowners don’t consider the need to include their HVAC systems in this seasonal effort. Preventative maintenance is important for keeping your system in optimum working order. Spring is the best time to have your equipment serviced so that you are ready before the summer heat sets in.

Benefits of HVAC Preventative Maintenance

There are several reasons to consider spring and fall service of your heating and cooling equipment. Some of these include:

  • Identification of broken or worn parts before a seasonal malfunction can occur
  • Optimization of cooling or heating performance
  • Improvement of energy efficiency in your system
  • Cleaning of internal components that can affect your indoor air quality
  • Extension of the life of your heating and cooling equipment

Pre-season maintenance allows enough time for any repairs to be completed prior to a serious weather change.

Improved Performance

Your equipment experiences wear as soon as it is first used. Over time, moving parts can break. Belts can crack. Bearings may need supplemental lubrication. Our technicians check these issues to make sure that your system is functioning appropriately. Dealing with frail parts before seasonal use can save you the frustration and expense of a mid-summer or mid-winter malfunction.

Some issues can cause serious problems for your compressor. Both low refrigerant levels and dirty coils can lead to the freezing of your coils. If this issue isn’t dealt with in a timely way, permanent damage can occur. Additionally, each of these issues can lead to higher bills and poor cooling during the summer months. Maintenance can save a lot of money while ensuring a comfortable home environment during the Summer.

Improving Your Indoor Air Quality

Dirty coils and ducts can cause serious air quality problems in your home. Mold can be an issue because of our high levels of humidity. Preventative maintenance of your HVAC system allows mold issues to be identified in your coils, condensate pan and ducts. Additional cleaning services may be needed.

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